At Until the Last Petal Falls we take pride in ensuring every client gets a day to remember! Here's what those we've worked with in the past have had to say:

I asked Rose to help our team in panning a 10 year high school reunion and I am glad I did. She was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. With just a bit of correspondence with her, Rose was able to envision my imagination and requests and run with them, infusing her own style. I am really impressed with the initiative and ownership she took over planning the main event dinner environment. Everyone was impressed. From cute hand made souvenirs and balloons, to accent pieces, a photo booth, and more - Rose left no detail unattended. It’s clear to me she has a knack for creativity, design, and organization, I highly recommend her and her team for any event needing a keen eye and highly responsible individual to deliver the impression you desire. Thank you Rose!!!
— Caleb
Rose turned my wedding vision into a reality. I knew what I wanted things to look like but I had no clue how to execute these ideas. That’s where Rose steps in, from the men’s handmade boutonnieres, to the ladies perfectly beautiful bouquets. Not only was she able to transform my loose flowers into beautiful arrangements but she directed everyone helping set things up how and where to put things, in a beautiful way, thinking about every little detail. She helped turn the room from a lodge to an elegant wedding venue. She also knew how to line the wedding party up and what order to put them in. Rose is a creative and incredibly driven young women who can transform any gathering into more than a gathering, she will make it an incredible event to be remembered!
— Megan
If you want to have a truly special event, Rose will make it happen for you! Rose was a bridesmaid in my daughter’s wedding earlier this summer, and was masterful at managing the details. Special kudos to Rose for the many hours hand-making dozens of gorgeous boutonnieres into the wee-hours of the morning before the wedding! Not sure how I would have managed without her. She has a gift for event planning and will not disappoint!
— Johnna